Study visit on Communal Land Registration and Titling

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Study visit on Communal Land Registration and Titling

03 February 2016

Study visit on Communal Land Registration and Titling in Sangthong and Nakai Districts

Vientiane. The MRLG Learning and Alliance (L&A) Group on “Communal Land Registration and Titling” (CLRT) is working on gathering information on existing CLRT projects in Laos to compile a case study report on the topic. Recently, from 29 January to 02 February 2016, the group organized a study tour to learn about the collective land registration process of village use forests in Sangthong district, Vientiane Capital and about collective land allocation for a resettlement project of the Nam Theun 2 Power Company (NTPC) in Nakai district, Khammouane province.

In Sangthong the group first met with the management of the District Natural Resources and Environment Office (DONRE) and were provided with detailed information in regard to background, actual implementation and outcomes of collective land registration and titling project for village production forests. This project was a pilot project for land use planning and land titling which was implemented in connection with a non-profit organizations framework for sustainable bamboo value chains (SNV and Gender Development Association, GDA). As the results, 5 villages have received collective land use certificates for village bamboo forests with total areas of 2,189 ha. The group had also the chance to meet and interviewed the head and several members of Napo village’s Bamboo Furniture Production Group. The production group takes bamboo supplies from the collectively registered bamboo forests to produce furniture and artefacts for sales. Napo is one of the 5 villages in Sangthong district that has been benefitting from the registration of the village production forest.

At Nakai the group had the chance to meet with a representative of Khammouane Provincial Division of Natural Resources and Environment (PONRE), the management of Nakai District Natural Resources and Environment Office (DONRE) and the Community Relation Officer of the Nam Theun 2 Power Company (NTPC). Here, the group was informed about the resettlement of 16 hamlets that were affected by the Nam Theun 2 hydropower dam construction project. In accordance to the contract agreement, the NTPC and DONRE have worked together to ensure that all resettled villages were allocated lands, including residential, public infrastructural and agricultural lands in compensation to the loss of their former areas. The group learnt that every household received 600 m2 residential and 0.66 ha of land for agricultural activities and that villagers also received training and assistance for starting their new lives in their new place. The budget for the land allocation process, training and assistance was provided by NTPC.

This study visit has provided the L&A group with basic information for better understanding of collective/communal land registration situation in Lao PDR and also provided opportunities for follow- ups on the outcomes and developments of these registration and titling projects. All of which will be used when analysing and compiling the case study at a later stage.

The MRLG’s L&A Group on “Communal Land Registration and Titling” (CLRT) consists of government officers and representatives of the following agencies:

  • Department of Land Administration, MONRE
  • Department of Land Planning and Development, MONRE
  • Department of Agricultural Land Management, MAF
  • Department of Forestry, MAF
  • Department of Agricultural Extension and Cooperatives, MAF
  • GIZ-Land Management and Decentralised Planning, LMDP
  • Agro-Forestry Consultants, AFC
  • Cooperation International for Development and Solidarity, CIDSE
  • Village Focus International, VFI
  • Global Alliance for the People and Environment, GAPE
  • The National Facilitator of MRLG