Departments of Land Administration of Laos and Vietnam shared experience in development of land legislations

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Departments of Land Administration of Laos and Vietnam shared experience in development of land legislations

25 November 2016

Departments of Land Administration of Laos and Vietnam shared experience in development of land legislations

The MRLG 3rd stakeholder consultation workshop held in Vientiane Capital during 16-17 November 2016 was a special opportunity for the representatives of the Department of Land Administration (DOLA) of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment (MONRE) of Lao PDR and the General Department of Land Administration (GDLA), Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment (MONRE) of Viet Nam to exchange experiences on development of land policy and land related legislations in their respective country.

Mr. Anothai Chanthalasy, Deputy Director General of DOLA, gave a keynote speech to update participants of the workshop on the current situation of the development of the National Land Policy and revision of the Land Law in Lao PDR. Participants are now awaiting the imminent Party Resolution to allow greater dialogue and consultations on the development of the land law and sub-decrees to ensure effective implementation. The presentation was followed by Ms. Hoang Van Anh, Director of Legislation and Policy Department of GDLA who shared experiences with the development of the Land Law 2013 in Viet Nam, highlighting the consultation process and recent inclusions of policy monitoring. Her presentation was complemented by the presentation of Mr. Pham Quang Tu, of Oxfam Viet Nam, who focused on the public participation and advocacy in contributing and then monitoring the implementation of land policies in Viet Nam through civil society actions.

Each presentation induced lively discussion and comments from the government counterparts as well as civil society and development partners and was the highlight of the workshop. The workshop provided space for a renewed fostering of cooperation between DOLA and GDLA and MRLG look forward to facilitating further sharing of experiences with regards to development of land legislation. We all also look forward to more opportunities for multi-stakeholder dialogue moving towards next year’s National Assembly meetings to pass a revised land law.

During the remainder of the workshop, we heard from MRLG stakeholders on planned activities and products that have been jointly prepared, including industry position papers and a land rights manual (see below and here). Participants also divided into 2 groups to explore issues around Communal Land Registration a key new element of the drafting process of the land law, and expanding ideas for a learning and alliance group working on responsible agricultural investment.  Further meetings of these 2 groups will take place to finalize a plan of action. The workshop was concluded on 17 November 2016 with 61 people attending from government, academe, development partner, local and international NGO, CSO and private agencies.

Below you can find all presentations of the workshop. These will also a workshop report that will be shared with participants and on MRLG website by the 15th December.

Documents for downloading

Final agenda Download


  1. Lao Policy and Law presentation by Mr Anothai Chantalasy Download
  2. Viet Nam – Land Law Development, by Ms Hoang Van Anh (English – Vietnamese available on request) Download
  3. Viet Nam – Advocacy for Revision of Land Law, by Mr Pham Quang Tu Download
  4. Experience of Responsible Investment, by Ms Justine Sylvester Download
  5. Communal Agricultural Land Management Project, by Mr Thongsavanh Keonakhone Download
  6. MRLG Regional Update, by Ms Kate Rickersey & Brian Garcia Download
  7. Knowledge Management production of MRLG, by Natalia Scurrah Download
  8. Knowledge Management Video of CLE, presented by Ms Pavina Thephithuck Download
  9. Laos MRLG Country Strategy, by Mr Soukkasem Lomathmanyvong (Lao version) Download
  10. Laos MRLG Country Strategy, by Mr Soukkasem Lomathmanyvong (English version) Download
  11. Updates to Learning and Alliance Building by Ms Joo Zimmermann Download
  12. LSLA Research of NEIR and NAFRI by Mr Chansamone Vongphaisith & Dr Palikone Thalongsengchanh Download