Viet Nam

Viet Nam

At the Vietnam MRLG Stakeholder Consultation Workshop on the 28th to 29th of November 2014, the stakeholders who attended expressed interests to collaborate on four priority topics. From these priority topics the groups formulated proposals for the following four on-going Learning and Advocacy (L&A) activity:

Promotion and transferring of forest and forestry lands from State Forest Companies to local ethnic minority households and communities with Forest Trends as lead organization;

Recommendation on forming new circular guiding application of benefit sharing principle between investors and affected people to compensation, support and resettlement while the State acquires the land – case study in Son La Hydropower with CAP-IPSARD as lead organization;

Promote community-based organizations’ participation in land legislation implementation monitoring with CIRD as lead; and

Improvement of people’s perception about women’s right on land access and issuance of Land Use Right Certificate with both names of wife and husband for ethnic community in case of Da Bac district, Hoa Binh province with CISDOMA as lead.

Beside the 4 L&A activities, we also try to make space for stake holders to discuss land governance issues, and assist them prepare proposals for the QDF and IF in order to solve land related problem as well as undertake policy advocacy/ public advocacy for Government to change or improve Land policies.

Beside the 4 L&A activities, we also have 3 IF is starting:

Framework for improve reallocation of forest land in Viet Nam project, implementing by Center for Agricultural Policy (CAP)/ Institute of Strategy and Policy for Agricultural and Rural Development (IPSARD) – Ministry of Agricultural and Rural Development (MARD).

Facilitating the Formation and Capacity Development for Viet Nam Forest Owners Association project, implementing by Regional Community Forestry Training Center for Asia and the Pacific (RECOFTC), partner with Viet Nam Administration of Forestry (VNFOREST) and Viet Nam Forest Owners Association (VNFOA).
Piloting Community-Base Monitoring Mechanism to Improve Small Holders Participation in Land Governance project, implementing by Oxfam in Viet Nam and LANDA (Land Alliance).

The MRLG activities in Vietnam is managed the National Land Governance Facilitator, Ms. Nguyen Ngoc Lan, a lawyer with long experience in advocacy works. Prof. Dang Hung Vo, Vietnam’s well respected land governance expert provides specialist advice.

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