Mekong Region Land Governance Project initiated its activities in Myanmar in June 2014.  These activities are facilitated and coordinated by Mr Yadana Than Haik. In October 2014, a National Stakeholders Consultation Workshop was then organized to inform local players about MRLG funding mechanisms, in particular the QDF, and activities, to give them the opportunity to build together a consensus for future strategies.  They choose three thematic areas for engagement under the “learning and Advocacy” mechanism: conflict resolution mechanism, customary communal tenure, and private sector engagement (postponed to following year)

Customary Communal Tenure:

Since June 2015, the Customary Communal Tenure (CCT) group, formed by 6 organisations representing 4 ethnic states, led by 88 Generation and LCG,  has been conducting field studies  on existing customary practices in the country.

Conflict Transformation:

The members of this group (9 organisations) led by GPI, are learning together how to document case studies with proper tools and methods from which in a second phase can be extracted successful resolution mechanisms. These two national L&As will also link up with Regional L&A accordingly.

Representatives from Myanmar CSOs and Government also joined the Regional Stakeholders Consultation Workshop March 2015 in Bangkok and shared their experiences with regional participants on the two main topics.

A Quick Disbursement Fund (QDF) was disbursed to LCG and Loka Ahlin to carry out the public pre-consultation on draft National Land Use Policy in November. The applicants collected public concerns and feedback to inform the Policy.

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