MRLG started activity in Cambodia in June 2014 and Mr Ngo Sothath is our National Land Governance Facilitator.

Learning and Advocacy (L&A)
As meant to help improve the effectiveness of the reform actors with regard to the land access and tenure security for family farmers, MRLG in cooperation with other partners organizes the national stakeholder consultation workshop on an annual basis in order to identify and discuss priority areas related to capacity development and advocacy. The 1st workshop in Cambodia was held on 16-17 October 2014 and following three thematic areas were identified as priorities for MRLG to support under its Learning and Advocacy (L&A) mechanism:

Collective Learning on Land Conflicts: Documentation and Reflection of Practical Land Conflict Cases, in partnership with STAR Kampuchea (SK), Analysing Development Issues Centre (ADIC), and Women’s Media Centre (WMC)

Research and Multi-stakeholder Policy Dialogue for Evidence Based Policy Development, in partnership with Prekleap National College of Agriculture (PNCA), NGO Forum on Cambodia (NGOF), Centre for Policy Studies (CPS), and other researchers.
Customary land rights and tenure security for indigenous peoples (in partnership with CIYA, CIPO, HA, OPKC, BCV-Ratanakiri, Yak Loam, and IRAM)
The 2nd national stakeholder consultation workshop will be held on 14-15 November 2015.
Quick Disbursement Fund (QDF)
As an intervention to the urgency and crisis of land governance in Cambodia, MRLG has provided support through Quick Disbursement Fund (QDF) to assist the affected indigenous communities to protect their lands in the following cases:

Rubber Baron Accountability Project, in partnership with Equitable Cambodia (EC) and Inclusive Development International (IDI). The project embraces on two parts:
Preparing and assisting affected communities for CAO process with Hang Anh Gia Lay (HAGL) Group.
Assisting affected communities for Vietnamese Rubber Group (VRG) grievance mechanisms.

Representing IP Community in Orona Village against the Encroachment on their Collective Registered Land, in partnership with Vishnu Law Group (VLG).

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